Friday, 18 February 2011

Viewpoints on the compass & course on of the Italian government

I have recently read several articles in the press about the (mis)behaviour of the italian government. One of them is by an ex-phd fellow on the dark and sunny sides of Italy . A colourful viewpoint by Germaine Greer is also worth reading. Such ideas are nicely complemented by research showing simply and neatly how a rich elite, headed in Italy by the current prime minister Silvio Berlusconi, can cling onto power and scramble democracy, not hugely, but enough persist there for a long time.

Thanks to Wikileaks, the opinions by the US Department of State about italian prime ministers in the last decade are also public knowledge. What one learns is that the government is unfit to do the job. The opposition party instead is less corrupt but uncapable to win 51% of consensus by voters.
To sum up, the centre-right party is bad but it is in power while the centre-left one is good but can't get to power so far. A dedalus worth pondering about: how bad do you need to be to secure a democratic majority but no more than that!?

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