Thursday, 17 February 2011

Attached as a mussel to a rock or a snail shying away from your partner? A test

A recent book "Attached" by a psychiatrist and a psychologist in the USA describes a variety of possible combinations in a couple in a relationship between individuals with different profiles, e.g. anxious, avoidant and secure. Whether each possible combination in a couple leads to a long-term relationship is carefully described in words by using evidence from empirical studies.

Thrilled about learning whether you and your partner will happily retire together? Here's a test "attached" to the book.

Nice idea though what if I am anxious on Mondays (back to work), avoidant on Wednesdays (to go climbing with my best pal) and secure on Fridays (I look fwd to weekend!)!?

A nice study builds on a similar intuition and it also offers rich predictions about the tradeoff that a policy-maker may face: either a lot of marriages for money, efficient marriages investments and few females in the labour force or more romantic dating, more females at work and greater productivity, wow!

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