Saturday, 5 February 2011

middle class, neuro, normality, priors, stereotypes

You can't leave your bikes in the hall

You have to come up with 3 paperibus

Homosexuals are sick

Eat proteins and carbohydrates separately

Age 30 is a turning point in one's life

Being feminine is a female trait and being masculine is a male one

Foreigners cannot vote

The Queen is the head of the Army

The Earth is flat

Priest cannot marry

You must dress appropriately

Never ask for the salary

Causation rather than correlation

Sun spins around the earth

Never ask a woman her age

Men appear dirty and oveconfident while women clean and more introverse

Too few women in science

I know because I have experience

As a whole, stereotypes sound like forecast errors in one's head which are "path-dependent" (wusthat!?) and spread in various ways. Can you spot them? Nice attempt in research on generosity. Do they evolve over time?

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