Sunday, 27 March 2011

3 sisters adventure trekking in Nepal

3 sisters in Nepal have set up a tourist business offering hiking and climbing tours to mountaineers worldwide, thanks to word-of-mouth and to their website.

The initial reaction by the local community in the city where the business has its office, Pokhara, was a mix of surprise and criticism for such a business idea, as well as for their community programs to train women in Nepal as mountain guides. Putting some some of the most valuable and durable assets in the country at work: its beautiful mountains, in an environmentally conscious and sustainable way, is a smart idea. Are men in the community perhaps envious!?

What if the mountain guides that the school trains turn out to be more careful, precise and overall competent than their male colleagues!?

Spread the word and/or head yourself for a walk on an Annapurna peak!

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